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1:All by myself

2:Beauty and the beast

3:The song for my brother

4:Circle of life

5:Alice in wonderland


7:The wind of the day

8:The bare necessities

9:Zero to hero

10:God help the outcaste

11:In the mist

12:Spring fairy

13:Be our guest

14:Song of the pocket

15:Keep it up

16:Song to the moon

17:In Roma

18:Seasons of love

19:Symphony No.4-1

20:We walked together


22:A western

23:Deep sea fish

24:The king’s way

25:Christmas rose

26:You’re in my heart

27:Good rhythm

28:The pop-up book

29:Puttin on the Ritz

30:Blue sea sailing

31:La vie parisienne


33:Sun flower


35:Rolling ball

36:James variation

37:First dance


39:Les deux pigeons

40:I’m full of gratitude

MUSIC FOR BALLET CLASS Vol.10:Bouquet of Happiness

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